Chair and Settee Cleaning

Chair and Settee CleaningUpholstered chairs and settees make no exception from the rest of the upholstered furniture around the house, and require careful and attentive cleaning which will spare the delicate fabrics from damage such as fading, discolouration, tearing, shrinkage etc. This, rules out the application of conventional or other aggressive cleaning treatments as they will only make things worse. Instead, we offer you our professional London chair and settee cleaning service as the better, safer and more affordable cleaning option than any other cleaning methods out there.

Our professional chair and settee cleaning in London is so effective, that we can confidently promise complete removal of most types of organic or chemical stains, without damaging or altering the delicate upholstery fabric around and beneath the stain. Our cleaning crews will approach the task with all due attention and care in order to deliver fast, high quality results with no risk of damage to any of the fabrics or the rest of the furniture piece itself. As expected, our London chair and settee cleaning is performed by specially trained cleaning professionals who know how to use their equipment and materials properly in order to yield the best possible results, with no risk of damage.

Chair and Settee CleaningWorking with qualified cleaning technicians is essential, as each type of fabric responds differently to cleaning and requires a specialised cleaning approach. In other words, our cleaners will review and assess the type of fabric, and its current state, and then carefully apply the most appropriate cleaning technique. Cleaning your upholstered chairs and settees professionally will not only improve the overall level of indoor hygiene, but also prolong the life of such furniture pieces.

Our professional London chair and settee cleaning service is performed using top level equipment and nontoxic, ecofriendly cleaning materials which pose no health risk to humans or animals living at the property. The cleaning materials we apply will leave no nasty smells or residue in the fabric itself or the rest of the furniture piece. Your furniture should be ready to use in a matter of hours as our cleaners will extract any leftover moisture. The cleaning service is the cost effective, reliable way to maintain your fabric furniture clean, fresh and free of any bacteria and bad odours without risking its good looks. The chair and settee cleaning takes place on site, unless otherwise required. We are available for booking seven days a week.