Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet CleaningDry carpet cleaning is the alternative method we use, when steam carpet cleaning is not an option. Technically, dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new cleaning method which optimises steam carpet cleaning through a reduction of drying time. Dry carpet cleaning is also considered to be a non-aggressive cleaning treatment, which minimises mechanical contact between the carpet itself and the cleaning equipment used. Our professional dry carpet cleaning in London is also a very effective and risk-free alternative to any homemade or conventional carpet cleaning treatments which are likely to do more harm than good.

Dry carpet cleaning can be applied safely to all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets. We guarantee to yield industry standard cleaning results, with no risk of damage or alteration to the carpet’s fibres and their properties. Our dry carpet cleaning service in London is also a very effective and affordable way to keep your carpets clean and sanitised at all times. Good carpet hygiene is essential in many respects. Cleaning industry professionals recommend having your carpets cleaned professionally at least once every six months. This is quite necessary, as carpets in your home or office are exposed to lots of germs, bacteria, dust, dirt and pollen on a daily basis. With everyday use, the carpet can become really grimy and lose its brightness.

Dry Carpet CleaningA perfectly clean carpet is also quite necessary in order to maintain good indoor air quality and reduce the allergens inside the premises. As expected our London dry carpet cleaning service is very effective when it comes to stain removal. Stubborn stains will be easily removed as we use professional grade cleaning equipment and materials, applied by qualified cleaning technicians, specially trained for the job. Our advice as professional cleaning service providers is not to try out any conventional stain removal techniques as these can either damage your carpet, or drive the stain even deeper and make it nearly impossible to remove.

Use our London dry carpet cleaning service as the better and more sensible alternative. The cost of having to replace or repair your carpets will definitely outweigh our service prices. The cleaning process we apply works deep inside the carpet, all the way down to its base. All cleaning materials are nontoxic and will evaporate and dissolve without a trace or residue. Most carpets will be dry enough to walk on in about forty minutes to an hour.