Sofa Cleaning

Sofa CleaningThe average sofa sees a lot of heavy duty use, and abuse for that matter. Usually, the sofa is a favourite spot for everyone in the house, from the kids who are jumping and rolling around the sofa set with their shoes on, to the cat and dog which are shedding hairs and fur all over the sofa every day. Pair this with the occasional spill of glass of wine, or some fruit juice and you have yourself one dirty, worn sofa which sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of your otherwise clean and well-kept home.

If your sofa is in need of some proper cleaning, but you don’t really have the time to deal with it all, then perhaps our specialised London sofa cleaning service is just what you need. Our professional and highly efficient sofa cleaning solutions are the better and more effective alternative to any other conventional or homemade cleaning treatments which are only likely to damage or alter the sofa’s appearance and comfort properties. There are different sofa finishes and each of them requires a unique cleaning approach in order to deliver excellent results with no risk of damage to colours and texture. As always our dedicated, highly skilled cleaning experts will review the type of sofa finish or material, and assess its current state before they choose and apply the most effective yet sparing cleaning method.

Sofa CleaningCareful assessment before the actual cleaning process is essential as different materials respond differently when treated for organic or chemical staining and soiling. In many instances, our specialised London sofa cleaning service involves the application of either steam or dry cleaning systems, or in some cases – both. This is necessary as we want to yield the best possible results and spare the delicate fabrics and material finishes from damage. Our cleaning technicians are trained in the safe and efficient use and application of both steam and dry cleaning equipment.

Our sofa cleaning in London is hassle-free and highly convenient, as all cleaning takes place on site. Each job is approached with undivided attention and utmost precision by our cleaners, as we want to make sure that our sofa cleaning service in London is indeed the best cleaning solution at your disposal. The service is available for booking seven days a week, with convenient service hours which don’t get in the way of your daily schedule.