Upholstery Pick up and Delivery

Upholstery Pick up and DeliveryWe specialise in the professional cleaning of all types of upholsteries. Most of the time our cleaning technicians will be able to perform exceptionally well onsite and achieve the desired results on the spot. In certain cases though, our cleaning technicians might reassess the situation, and determine that for best results the upholsteries should be taken to our specialised cleaning site for additional treatment. We do understand that taking the upholsteries to another location is extra hassle for our customers therefore we have a special upholstery pickup and delivery service in London in order to make things as swift and easy as possible for our customers.

Our cleaning teams will visit your address and pick up the fabrics in a suitable time, then take them to our cleaning plant for additional treatment. Naturally, we will take expert care of your fabrics during our upholstery pickup and delivery service in London and apply our extensive technical knowledge to achieve top quality cleaning results with no risk of damage to these delicate fabrics. The cleaning technicians  will review and assess the type of fabric, the level of soiling or staining it has sustained, and in turn administer the most appropriate and sparing way to clean the upholstery.

Upholstery Pick up and DeliveryOnce the job is done, we will organise for the freshly cleaned upholsteries to be delivered back to your home and fitted right where they were. After all, our London upholstery pickup and delivery service is meant to be convenient and hassle-free. Upholstery fabrics treated at our specialised facility can optionally receive antibacterial and antiallergenic treatments, we can also arrange for anti-odour and wear protection of all delicate fabrics, including silk. We use only professional grade equipment at our treatment site which allows us to clean effectively upholsteries of all sizes, even the smallest pieces of fabric will be no problem for our machines and equipment.

We understand that taking the upholsteries to another location is somewhat of a problem for customers therefore we will try and have the fabrics returned back to you in the shortest time possible. We recommend customers who are about to part ways with a furniture piece which looks tired and worn, to consult with us first as will likely be able to revive the old upholsteries and save customers hundreds in new furniture purchases. Our London upholstery pickup and delivery service is available during all days of the week.